Eye catching, colourful, 'basic' websites for just £79

Professional websites from £149-£249

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A website designed, a user-chosen domain name,

domain URL registering, server hosting of 2 years, 

and on-page SEO optimisation  ... packages from just £79


We offer professional and attractive websites, created using templates and a content management system (CMS), Google SEO ready, all within the quoted price, visible on the web in a day or two and to be found by your customers searching on Google and others typically within 4 days.

For 'basic' websites we make use of ready-made templates, which can be tailored to suit your individual business needs quickly and cheaply. You could have a professional looking website created for you for just £79, up and running and visible on the web in a day or so - and with effective search engine optimisation as part of the package. Your customers could be finding your website in a matter of days.


A website just like this one could cost you under £249. For more samples, and example of templates, see the EXAMPLE BASIC WEBSITES page.

How we work

You would first let us know what URL you desired, and what type of business you operated, perhaps sending us a link to an existing website or a competitors website. We would have a quick look and make an assessment. If we agreed to handle the project we would need your business name and address details for registration, pictures and any logos that you make use of in either .png or .jpeg formats, plus whatever information you wish to display on the website in either text or Word doc/docx format.

We would then create a basic website using a template that we choose for you, and one that we think suits you. You would then have the choice to change it for other templates without additional cost, unless you were very hard to please.

Note! If you are not sure about what you want to say on the website, we will assist with the design and wording, but there may be extra costs involved.


Payments can be made via cheque, bank transfer, or  PayPal.

Google page ranking

Basic on-page search engine optimisation (SEO) is included in the price, in that we will set the websites title, description and meta keywords in a format that Google will rank quickly - and in the best position for your particular business niche. For an additional fee, typically £25, we will examine your business, its marketplace and your competitors, and advise on additional SEO methods such as backlinks and traffic.

For £75-£100 (typically) we could boost the position of your website within Google's search engine listings using a variety of techniques, and we could nudge your website to a high position in a few weeks (organic ranking).

What we can't do, or won't do

The 'basic' quoted price is for a template with some customisation, and that template is limited in its scope. It is cost-effective because it is a ready-made template. That template will allow for many static pages, pictures, links to other sites, document download, keyword optimisation, and sometimes a contact form, little else. It will not collect credit card payments, run a forum or a blog, or ... anything else.

If you wish to build and operate an eCommerce website, to sell goods online, then such a site may cost around  £25 a month to operate, plus the cost of our time. You could register and run that site yourself (we'll instruct you how) and you would then send us the password. We would load the various products and their pictures for you, and set the advertising material and SEO aspects. We would then monitor the site's stats for you and work on its positional ranking within an agreed budget.

Email:  info@cheap-website-design-wales.co.uk   



Cheap website design - Cheap website design and hosting, Cardiff, Wales

There are no recurring costs or extra hosting fees, and we offer to host your site for 2 years. After that we may offer to continue to host your site for approx £12 a year typically, or we can transfer the site and domain to you so that another web designer can maintain your website.

Note! The first 2 years of web hosting is included in the price for .co.uk, there are no additional costs.


Cheap website design - Cheap website design and hosting, Cardiff, Wales.

The A domain is your URL, your website's name on the internet, such as bloggs-wdigets.com. If you have a desired URL we will try and register it for you, or find something that is similar to it; e.g. bloggs-widgets-ltd.com may be available, whilst the first URL may not be. You can choose from a URL ending with .com, co.uk, .org, .info, or .eu. The cost of the registered domain is included in the price.

Google Adwords

Cheap website design - Cheap website design and hosting, Cardiff, Wales

If you are in a big hurry, and wish to attract more customers, then Google Adwords may be the way to go. We can help and advise you, or could even set-up an account for you and manage it day to day. You may wish to spend as little as £100 a month, or many thousands. We could monitor the account for you, help with competitor analysis and keyword selection, refine the approach, and get you the best results - the most clicks for the least money spent.

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